“Doctor Strangelove”, politics

While watching “Doctor Strangelove”, this morning I appreciated Kubrick more and more. There was so much of a storyteller in that man, and those characters were so greatly etched. It was quite something I guess. However, the entire situation involving the cold war brought me to the stalemate of a situation we have here right now.

The world has faced disaster after disaster, and the only reason there has been a lack of mass scale retaliation is because the civilian loss would be too much to bear. But, heck, that does not mean there are no mad generals brandishing their phallic cigars and telling them to go ahead and do it. “Catching them with their pants down”, a General quips in the movie. It’s real though, it is happening even at this point of our time, even though the Cold War has been over for a long while.

However, you do not sympathise with the president either, he is trying to be soft with everyone when he should be tough. He is someone who is diplomatic towards the enemy and angry towards his own people. He is someone who is trying to find the best of the situation even though he remains blissfully unaware of the things happening all around him.

I guess, that is what is strange about the movie, the caricatures have all become real at this point of time. We are living with characters which follow these caricatures perfectly, and we are just waiting for a Strangelove to come around and offer a solution which would be so so tempting to us. We would probably forget our morality for a week, just to get that blowjob, and then it will all be over.

The ultimate story of life, ending in failure because our lusts guide us to a place which is worse. I don’t get that.

But, I guess, it is the reality of our times, and we are all caricatures, and we are going to end up being novelised again as the generations come. And the funny thing, it won’t be our fault either. We would be like the civilians in the movie, unaware, and literally caught with their pants down.


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