“Wazir”, A Review

Last day was tiring for a lot of reasons. Mother dear called me while, I was having lunch and told me that my dad had been hospitalized. That was followed by the usual feeling of helplessness and pain that often follows the student who is forced to study outside. I just could not hop on a train and get there and take care of him in any way.

Then again, I saw this movie yesterday. “Wazir” is a movie that holds promise at the very least even if it does not really live up to it all throughout.
While, the characters are quite lovely on pen and paper, on screen the transition is kind of clunky. Sadly, this is not the fault of the actors at all. Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bacchan both give stellar performances.

Yet, the script falters. It meanders endlessly in the first half and despite a brilliant set up that promises to deliver, in second half it just becomes a sort of a mess, with glaring plot holes everywhere.

The emotional impact of the film is put on the backfoot by the director to make the point with chess while, both could be interlinked in a beautiful way. And in a film which has such emotional ingredients that is quite a sad thing.

Then again one can only marvel at the acting and the set pieces. There are some images which stay with you as you leave the movie hall an some questions that eat at you.

I’m sorry for the short post, am thoroughly sad today


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