Next time we meet

Next time we meet we will dance to the songs from “Grease”
And I will try to not forget the steps I so easily forget
And in little increments, I would dance with little moments
Thoughts that have never been spoken would find expressions
Maybe, my feet will have a bigger voice than me
But, hey let us do the Time Wrap too. lets dance away the eve
Because to be true the morning would be too close for comfort
And with you comfort is what I really wish for, what I need
Heck, last time we met, I left my dancing shoes at home
My heart at the back of the car seat, for girl when you dance
Little by little, or fast like a lightning, whatever you do
Salsa to the night or the ballet splits at the beginning of day
This time I would be less ashamed of the little things
We would dance still, and I would remember the steps
When the disco ends, and the music stops playing
Burnt soles I would leave at the floor
But, my heart I will remember to take


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