Sometimes I look for love(Sometimes for Sex)

She was not the kind to leave her ashes on the path
It was strange with her, the lips intermixed with the blood
Blood that did not free flow into emptiness but remained
As an afterthought, a message that is never fulfilled
And I guess that is why her remains are not my way
Because what she cannot keep as hers she burns
And I burn still, with her thoughts assaulting me from all sides

With him, there is no thought as such
Perhaps a little glimpse of something resembling a thought
He leaves me with bones, he leaves me with carcasses
Some thorns that I could dismantle with hands
Some loves I cannot get rid of, some itches I cannot scratch
A smell of death, a smell of lust, a smell of rot

Then, again there is he. An ocean in kindness
A “tries too hard but, never succeeds”, left alone at crossroads
Burnt coffee in the morning and apologies, and escape
On my mind. Throat hoarse from the shouts and cries.
A love that smells of tears, a tear that smells of smoke.
A man who was always there for me
Someone I never wished to know more

Oozing sexuality in the mornings never
Leading into no end. Something that I could never decipher
The smell of her heart in the morning mingling
With the person he became at noon, escapes so fascinating
And yet, so limited in person. Dates ending too soon
So much romance lost in bodies meeting
Endless rush of nothing to be foun

Someone I loved before loving him was cool
An idealized person, an inspiration for all of the people around
Meeting up in spaces that are contained in hushes
Tears that could not find voice
Constricted throats, kisses made with salt
Love so bad, it made you turn better

Love breaks open barriers, oceans never meet ends
And you are left in want


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