Some sexism

Why is having sex with a woman?

Every time I have been in my hostel the main topic has often been about having sex with some girl. About how wonderful the feeling was. Yet, most of the times it is not appreciation that follows but, simple slangs. The point it seems, is to reduce the woman to her genitalia and breasts, and to erase everything else completely.o

How many times was it this time?

I think three-four, all people who met with women and had sex, and made it a point to brag. Heck, I liked the bragging but, then the inevitable slangs follow. The person they had sex with becomes a “Whore”, a “stupid bitch” or simply “that chick with boobs man”.

Heck, I don’t hate hook ups but, somewhere the fact that after sex women simply become bragging points and are put into the corner bothers me a lot.

Maybe, that shall change some day too.


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