You’re Different, and that’s VERY Cool

You know what I did today? I watched 10 episodes of a show, and then played a worthless game on my phone for about an hour.

You know what I did today? I swooned over how hot Heathcliff is, and how I would give everything in the world to know him personally.

The thing is, if I had said those things anywhere else, I would be a bonafide joke. I mean I am a couch potato really. Then, again I did my kickboxing and dance workout in the morning, went for a long walk, bought some groceries, read some papers; normal stuff. Deal is, I was different today. In fact, I am pretty sure, I am a bit different every day.

Some days I moon over boys, some days I cannot let go of the feeling of women, some days I just want to dance dance dance and forget about partners…
And I am different that way.

And you know what? I am totally fine with it.

Some days I am not, and it feels bad.

Thing is, the differences that we have to other people, to the public is what defines us. The stop you made to watch that single music video playing over at the television shop is probably a better definition of you than the entire walk to the way there. It changes from person to person. Some people are stuck with their bad choices and some people struggle after making the good ones. yet, it is the differences that push them through.

Differences are lovable.

Because when everything falls apart those still exist. The moment that you moved the chairs to dance still exist. And those are the moments people will fall in love it. Friends, lovers, spouses… They might not remember the anniversary dates, or your favourite colour. But, they will remember how your hair smelt or how you looked after being flustered to the core.

Differences make us, differences break us too.

Yes, people won’t find your kink adorable, they will make fun of you. Some would bully you.

But, that is what makes it cool. Because when differences with others matches with someone else. When the differences become similarities under the gaze of the ever powerful love, we find partners, we find romance, we find people. Sisters, friends, BFFs…

I am scared of my differences, yeah but, you know what? Without them, am not worth much anyway


8 thoughts on “You’re Different, and that’s VERY Cool

  1. Many people will hold their mirror up in front of you and tell you who you are through the prism of their perception. Love yourself first, forgive yourself often and celebrate what makes you, you in the moments you are alone because that’s what makes you real.


  2. Love yourself, dearie. Love yourself the way you are. Good stuff, bad stuff, crazy stuff, wacky stuff… they are all a part of you. Accept yourself for who you are and people will do the same. If they don’t, their loss. Remember Dr. Seuss’ quote: “Today you are you! That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Each one is unique in his/her own beautiful way. You are unique and special in your own beautiful way. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.


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