A New Home

The prospect of moving always made me a bit scared. I have always been limited to one particular home or another. And when a big move happens it kind of dampens your spirits.

You see I got a new hostel and I have to move into the new place and it scares the wits out of me. That coupled with the fact that two seniors are living in the room and refuse to let go. However, I do have to move since, the earlier room I was staying in is already booked by someone else, a nice kid by all means. In all this turbulence, I have been left pretty much dumbfounded, without a way to vent out all the pent up feelings about being without a place to stay, without any place to call mine. I am living with a friend now, and that’s ideal in its own way and not ideal in other ways. It is fine though, except am still sad.

Am also sick, and out of sorts so, this is where I leave you now. Adios. Love


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