Finding Graphic Novels…

The thing about graphic novels is, they are one of the awkward hit and miss things we have. I mean I have seen people who can do research with the amount of knowledge they have and I have seen people who are ashamed to even add it to their reading lists because somehow that makes them less serious readers. Which is strange really, seeing that graphic novels might contain some of the deepest stuff I have read in recent times.

I mean, I think everyone I met loves “Persepolis” for one reason or the other. the book is honest, it is the portrayal of a society that is widely discriminated against, coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Plus, it has this beautiful way of telling the story that makes you shudder and think about everything the poor girl went through.

And oh God, I can talk about “Maus” for months I guess. I have had that phase too, when i obsessed about it every single day, trying to find a way to get out these feelings I had.

The thing is, when we get right down to it, we would have all kinds of comic books. I hated the New 52 Batman with a vengeance because of the character, “The Dark Knight Returns” for all its popularity and uniqueness was a terrible thing to re-read. However, that is true for every genre under the sun innit?

Are they literature?

They sure are.

I think they are more though. There is a certain old world charm in these comic books, something that reaches out to the young and the old. We all began by seeing pictures after all.

So, finding them…

Just find something you like and not something that has been recommended you know?
Dig deeper and find something you would really love at the end of the day. Give the graphic novels a fighting chance.

I did not give that to them for a long while, and I regret it every day.


5 thoughts on “Finding Graphic Novels…

  1. One is infected by your passion about graphic novels through this post.
    “Are they literature?” you ask. I think its not even relevant. You know the amount of work that goes into writing and designing graphic novels. It fascinates in a different way, appealing both to our visual senses and verbal sense, while hard core literature only engages the latter. That being said, the ‘status’ of graphic novels is changing, it is considered more yuppy than other genres. The writers/creators of graphic novel are like cult figures, readers surely are considered to be youthful and vibrant.


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