Male Rapes and Thoughts

We don’t accept male rapes by women in India. In fact, I doubt we see male rapes at all. Sexual assaults maybe, but, rapes? Honey, men don’t get raped. And even when they are tied to a corner and forced to do something they hate, that’s something he should enjoy. The stigma associated with male rapes is probably greater than female rapes, but, that isn’t a competition after all. Abuse isn’t some competition where the degree of violence decides how much you are going to be affected throughout your life.
However, the lack of a rape law for men concerns me. There is this try to ignore the fact that rape is basically power play, a way to make someone submit to the tormentor’s wills. Women can beat a man into submission as easily as a man can. And a man would suffer just as a woman does after rape.

Makes me wonder…

When will this change?


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