Daily Prompt : IMHO

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”

As I write this, some of my brethren in Indiana are getting persecuted due to their new religious law. Something that I thought could happen, and yet, somewhere refused to believe the implications that it would have.
The revisions allow for them not to be persecuted on an individual basic, a victory maybe.ut, they can still refuse to service a gay wedding. They feel that they are being pressured into somehow following an ideology they do not believe in when they are asked to service a wedding that goes against their believes. For, somewhere along the line discrimination has become fairer when you attach the lord’s name to it.
But, I can forgive all that. I can forgive it all, like we have forgiven all the atrocities committed against the gay community for years and years. Maybe, because that is what we do. Because to accept those problems is something that is natural to us, something that must be accepted. We are the good kids that accept persecution because apparently by being ourselves we infringe the religious freedoms of everyone around.

And believe me, religious people had always had a reason for discriminating. Even after years of dominance, they have held that chair of “the persecuted child”, so even when they have the rod of the oppressor in their hands they need laws and laws to protect their bigotry. And this is me being rational, do not even ask me, what my anger is asking me to do right now.

Then, again I do accept it, like I accept everything.

Some person would be turned down by a vendor he has known for 30 years today just because he is not holy according to the shopkeeper. And that would have to be accepted without contest. And he would accept it because he is a gentleman, and because a legal battle would just be oppressing the religions further.


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