Of Child Abuse

Before, I begin today, I would like to remind the readers that I am here anonymously, and no one from my family and my family friends know about this particular blog. The nature of this blog is very private and I would like if you would preserve it with time. Today’s topic is a bit different since, this concerns something that I saw just recently, it is something that I feel very personally about, but, then that is common, everything is very very commonplace at the end of the day.
When I was back there at my home, there was a strange episode happening. My nephew was visiting us. They were visiting us one fine day and it was all too beautiful. But, then things started going bitter. On a personal front, I do not know how to soften this down. I am not a mother, I am not a father, and I have never been much a good guardian but, somehow being with children makes me happy. Yet, that day, while I was doing some work on my PC, my cousins sat down and started showing pornography to the id. The fact that my nephew is just 3 years old is the least of the problems. The problem was how they could perceive that it would be an alright idea. The comments ranged from “If he sees this, his Tintin (a comic name he calls his genitalia) would become Iron man”, to lude references at how this video would garner loads of views in Youtube. And I sat there till the last moment, trying to make up my mind, trying to find the humour, but, I could not for the life of me find it. I could not make sense of the humour that was going in the back side.
Before the video had really started, I had already closed it off. I didn’t say anything. Yt, it was a running gag through the whole day. To put the child’s entire mindset at a sad state was a running gag. It was funny to everyone, who saw the video. My nephew sitting there, watching porn. It was somehow amusing, and that creeped me out on so many different levels. It made me remember my own childhood for some moments, but, then the scars I carry are something I have only told to some very select people. Yet, this same cousin had told me about sexual activities when I did not yet, know what was appropriate and inappropriate, and then I had began following him in a way, trying to seek his approval in everything sexual that I did. And I still remember the day that he masturbated in front of me, I do not know what was wrong with it, but, now, I do not remember it fondly anymore, I remember it with scars, and sometimes I am scared to ponder over my childhood. I do not want to see the day. But, then he was just starting out then, and perhaps he just wished to show something new to me, the ever admiring young person. Yet, now he was old, and showcasing pornography to a kid, just for the sake of views could not sit well with me, it could not.
Not just the fact that he would not know what was right or wrong, but, that he would start having strange feelings at this early age, that he would have to deal with this entire thing in this space where his feelings would largely go unacknowledged by the people around hi. I was perhaps trying to save hi from this regularly given label of “Problem Child”. But, then what was being done was making me very uncomfortable too.
This nephew of mine already faces things that are not really not part of a daily toddler’s lifestyle. As a punishment, as a joke, he would often find himself pantless. It is a form of joke in the place. And he persists in that, there are people who would do it only for fun. He is too young to remember anyway.
He is too young…
When did that become an excuse instead of a caution anyway?


One thought on “Of Child Abuse

  1. Well written. Always have been a big fan of your writing. Having said enough about words I would like to add a thing or two in regard to the emotions behind it.

    As a child we are vulnerable. We are like a wet earthen clay. It is our childhood that defines how we grow up and blows made in childhood leaves back a lasting nasty scar.


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