There is a moment in the movie where Mark just goes

There’s a time honoured tradition in the gay community, that when someone calls you a name, you go out there, and OWN IT.

And the movie had made me cry before that. But, right at that moment, I sit up and let it rip. I am cheering, and after that, I have cheered for the smallest and the largest of the things. I have screamed at this movie, laughed at it, and cried with it. A bunch of actors showcasing pride is a watch I’d remember. And it’s not just that.

It is not only about the lesbian and gay communities, or just about the miners. It is about an era that was turning the world down, and about individuals who turned up against it and protested. About people bringing in a change, about the whole world standing witness to something so incredible that it makes them tremble. It’s about cheerfulness and hope and it is finally about romances, about the little things.

So, you hope as you watch them, you hope as you see them change little by little. There’s a lot to be gained, a lot more to be lost, but, as the actors go about it, it is fun. And the charm of the movie lies in its warmth, and its love of not taking itself as a very serious documentary.

It can burst out in “Every woman is a lesbian at heart…”
And put something as heart rendering as the fight of parent and child after the child comes out.

It can make you cry and scream.

And finally it can instill that pride in you…

The movie’s heart lies in the warmth, in the frames that depict a huge family like gathering. The actors are having fun here, the actors are being themselves. So, when the old lady takes out a dildo and goes forth with a burst of laughter, you don’t feel strange and out of place. You feel like it is with you.
So, when another old lady calls out, “Where are my lesbians?”, you feel like rushing to her too…


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