In Memorium of myself

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

So, he is dead. To say good riddance might be too harsh, but, that is what it represents innit? The death of a tyrant, of a person so burdened by his own failures that he never gave a hoot about anyone else. Except perhaps he loved some of us, perhaps that love was too deep. But, all we do remember clearly are the curses that pestered us for the entire lengths of our lives. The times he has told us to die off somewhere might as well be infinite.

But, then imagining a life without him? The things he said about everyone of us that came true? To bid adieu to jokes that seemed to have come out of nowhere at all and still remain funny at the end of the day? But, moreover to bid adieu to hope? He was sad yes, but, I have never seen a person more hopeful, more filled with hope for a newer a better world.

And then I’d miss him when he was watching a movie, a myriad of emotions running through his face turn by turn. When he sang along off tune to some song I would never know and when he started talking about something that he is passionate about.

But, more than that, I would miss me when he was here


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