Misogyny and Daily Life

There is a man in my hostel who, when unchecked by a female presence often goes on a tangent and talks of sexually defiling women as if it is his birth right. There is a student in my class who thinks that being fucked in the ass would be a good punishment for an particularly inquisitive female student. There is a boy who feels that women do not belong in the entire establishment, another who compares women with their breast size. There are people who talk of strangers in the same way.
And that is just my hostel…
I find it scary that it does not unnerve me anymore. Earlier the entire concept of stalking women as a way to tell them you love them, the prospect of making lewd gestures and boasting that you’d sexually assault them made me angry. Now, it seems everyday. I guess as the times have passed I have softened to it, just like most of the Indian population seems to have. In fact, I am sure that is how the entire Indian population has changed over time. When you first confront the idea, you’re scared, you’re angry and you wish to nip it in the bud but, over time seeing that it is normal everyday life, you just accept it. After all, we’re Indians, misogyny must be in our blood.
But, why does something so horrific seem so easily acceptable with time? I don’t think people accept murders, or even violence against children easily, but, when it comes to misogyny? I think at some point of time, it became about the blaming. You cannot change the men you live with so you blame the women for inciting them. There cannot be any smoke without the fire and they wear the tight clothes, they look at us, they stare, they….
The list of complaints become longer and you start firmly believing that at the end of the day they are the ones responsible for everything in the world, and anyway those threats are not materialising into real life things at the very moment anyway. So, you live with it. One day you become one of them too.
You threaten one of the women you know with your genitalia.
You don’t feel scared by it.
It’s only commonplace anyway.


3 thoughts on “Misogyny and Daily Life

  1. That such a sad state to be in. We say we need freedom but we don’t want to fight for it cos we know no one gives a damn..You are right..everyone has just accepted things as they are..and but should we do the same if we want things to change?

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