Of Cruelty

Sometimes I wonder why the concepts of alternative sexuality isn’t easily accepted by people. Is it because we have been associated with evil for so long that to think us as normal would make them especially vulnerable? Or is it because we are at fault and we’re really wrong? Or maybe we’re not relatable enough for people, to consider the tortures upon us as cruelty.
But, then we are human, inexplicably so. And even if we challenge what has been the norm for human interaction in the society, we’re not the first one. The human civilization has evolved and accommodated so many new additions after struggles that right now nothing seems impossible. But, then this is the question of alternate sexualities. To deny the entire existence of such personalities in our history would be a falsification of epic proportions. We’ve had our shares of sadness-es. And we’ve been persecuted and sent to concentration camps.
Then, again we’re not the victims. We’re the tormentors of faith, people who live off challenging the mainstream, persecuting religions. We wish to change the definitions of marriage. But, then if humans refuse to change, then we’re resigning ourselves to a fate of lesser animals. Yet, even they know to move on from a pasture when the greenery has begun to fade with use.
Faith is comforting, religion is comforting and anything that comforts like that, cannot be fully wrong. But, the revision of laws and decrees and the protests against them create a large part of the human history. If we hadn’t had revolutions before today, we wouldn’t be standing here. Yet, this is not an article preaching strife.
Some days, I wish we could end up with happiness without trying much harder. If we could hold hands and walk into forever without worries. However, we do not have that luxury. And a held hand, a kiss is beautifully sealed in photo clicks but, the following jeers and the fears are not to be documented. It is fun to make fun of th gay man, to portray him as feminine, to make fun of people is the business of the majority. Today when I would switch on the television a man in a woman’s dress would make fun of us, and we’d take it.
It’s the norm.
We’re the part of this society.


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