Sans barriers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

If I had to undo one thing that technology as a whole has brought us, I would undo the mobile. Yes, I would get rid of the mobile as a whole. The entire deal with smartphones, with the entire bunch of new features and all, I would undo it all. And call me a Hippy if you like, but, we would all be happier for the same. Except perhaps in the cases of emergencies.

Phones are essential to our daily lives right now, we adore them. We stay connected with so many people at once, that we often forget the whole deal… In fact, let me retract my statement a but, I would love for the basic phones to stay there, all in place, but, the smart ones, they need to go. They need to go because instead of letting us progress, they pull us back, they make us vegetables. A month or so ago, I was talking about the power of the screen, how it makes us feel hidden and thus, makes us indulge in cruelty that we would never even dream of while we’re in a face to face conversation.

The smartphone brings us closer but, it also creates a distance. We become demons who do not enjoy the day to day life at all. We take pictures instead of listening to the music at the music festivals and getting a perfect profile picture becomes so much more important than getting something of value. We are not keeping memories, we’re indulging in taking more pictures. So much so, that even when we have the best book before us, we would rather still go for the whole effect of a short game in the smartphone, an experience which is far less romantic and personal compared to something that we played on tele with our old NES players. But, then that’s nostalgia and this gaming is also gaming in its own way, except it does not appeal.

However, my largest problem is with the romance. I need romance, I crave the letters delivered by a man in uniform and with the smart phones we lose that effect. We find that talking over Facebook is that much easier and soon we’re doing that every time, and when we even start on a better, everything has been written between one and the other already. Except the love has been lost with the bunches of code.

When we have time to think about what we write, we’d write of love

And then we would be better off again

As a species

But, till then the lure of the smart phone is too much, and as I close up my laptop, I would use my own to say goodnight to my friends. I would conveniently forget the wish to read something extraordinary an go about my way.


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