Seoul-Mates – A Review

Before I begin let me lament a bit about how short a novella really is. Being a person who has tried to put his thoughts into a novella before, I know of the limits. Specially when you’re trying to get through the entire story. So, even if I complained with all my heart and wished to know more, I could understand why it was the way it was. And this book, “Seoul-Mates” was glorious in it’s own way.

seoul-matesFirst of all, congratulations to Neha Raza for preparing this beautiful cover. The visual effect woos you the moment you see it and it welcomes you in. Also, the entire naming part and the publicity of the book was tip top. Indireads is a relatively new publisher in the market and the work they are doing has been splendid. I have read some of their titles in the past and would definitely recommend them to you. Specially, “Loves Labor” by Andy Paula. You can check out their books at this site.

Coming down to the review, I do admit that my experience with the romance genre has been severely limited. But, then I started reading. What hit me first was the pace, even and polished, it moved on with comfort. That aided in reading a genre pretty low on my to read lists. Also, what helped were the characters.
While, the length of the novella, and the nature of the genre, didn’t allow for much back story  The little things were all there. Katia’s helplessness abroad, the attachment with the only friend are common enough feelings and thus, make the story very relatable. Also, while the author wrote carefully, the passion didn’t weather as is often the risk with these things.

This book is an accomplishment in its own way. It runs beautifully across it’s length and breadth, and only falls short in some moments in between.

My grievances were not many. Only thing I really wished for was a better epilogue. it was too short for the story itself. Also, I would have appreciated if the author had fleshed out the side characters more.

Overall though, it did work. And even if the resolution is not to my liking, it is well and good.
I want to read more from this author. Also, kudos to Indireads.

I hope the writer keeps writing ahead and works harder and harder, and with that hope…

Rating – 5/5


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