It’s going to be alright

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet.”

It was easy enough to choose the person, Mrs. S was always going to be the most memorable teacher of my life ever since, she walked into that class room. She made me stand up and cover up my copy and make the index, contrary to all my belief of greatness that I had cherished in my mind.
Over the three-four years she taught us, the scenes would become common enough and even if English was not something I would use for the rest of my life, it became huge for me. I read and read and read till I could not read more. I developed a taste for eclectic reading and then for writing my own stuff.

She made us make creative copies where we’d put our thoughts and stuff we wrote down, and even though my best poems did not come from that copy, it helped to sit down and write. It helped when I wrote about the things that was going on around me, and about the books.

But, most of all, it helped a lot, when she asked me to go up on the stage and I did. All this public speaking I do now, all the debates stemmed out from one brilliant woman.

One brilliant woman…

She helped me when the days were not looking good and I was just an average student.

She made me dream.

And that alone is beautiful


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