My Mother

My mother is pretty much the only woman I have idolised in my life to the fullest degree. She is beautiful, a good mother and the bread-earner for our family. But, she does not stop at that alone. She is this phenomenal woman who handles most of her family as well as juggles her work and she has never let it show. How did it come to that? I have to go back to when it all began.
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IMG_20150102_194430She lost her father at an tender age and then she had to choose. Between becoming the person who wailed endlessly about their struggles and the person who succeeded. She thankfully, chose the latter. She perhaps didn’t fit the role of an ideal wife which the husbands of the time wanted. Yet, she kept on, she married all her sisters, 3 of them and stayed doing her work. Working as a teacher at first and then as a clerk in Railways.

Perhaps that is the main lesson I got from her, the fact that she kept on regardless of the various problems that always came up.

While, growing up, she was never the conventional mother to me. She would be away for work and I would see her rarely. Yet, she was always there for my moment. And I cried on her Saree after I left my first school because of another admission at that moment. I followed her when I got into the newer school.

Even when I got into an accident and broke my leg, even when it looked like the world was losing hope. She, despite her office life kept with me, she became both. The person people admired in office and the mother I loved.

Till today, and I am quite old now. I never do speak against my mother in a loud voice. And her voice of quiet, her expression of hurt is enough to make me stop saying anything at all. She is a phenomenal woman, and sometimes, I am sure, even if the whole world doesn’t look when she walks the road, I would. Because she is my showstopper. And she is my mum.

She is the woman who never chose between #or and #and, she personified #and from the moment she took charge


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