I caught poetry

Last few days caught me visiting a religious place, somewhere people go to wash away their sins though, I barely washed away any of mine. Then, while on my way back, in a train that often slowed down, I caught poetry. it hit me like an avalanche and left me quite broken I fear. But, here are some stanzas from this work in progress nevertheless.

“You left me broken in the shadows
So much that I couldn’t even figure out
How to make the noodles anymore
Because I always made them for you
And the grocery shops seem distant
And my car always misses the road to that store”

Sometimes romance leaves a scar and we become terribly afraid of all that is going around us for the same. this is about a void left by a past lover I believe.

“You would pull me up from the chair
And I’d still refuse to speak at all
And even if I do speak, you’d know the words
I wonder why nicknames matter so much now
Yet, when we lay together they were just a bother”

And more and more. It has been haunting me now. I fell in love with someone a few years back but, then I was in the process of denying myself the pleasures of life because I quite didn’t understand. Now, I refuse to do so again, and if I do meet him, perhaps the meeting would warrant a kiss that went deeper than my veins.


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