Preaching peace

Last few days the world has seen much darkness, it has seen blood and pain and it has anguished and writhed in it’s cage with vengeance, screaming for blood. Even my peace loving friends, people close to my heart; screamed out for the death of the people who had murdered thus. And heck, who am I to point fingers? I screamed for the same.

But, then the opinions change as you see the world more.  Two days ago I was screaming for blood and today I hope that somehow this is resolved without that. You see, I do not like Gandhian philosophy much, but, this rings true “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
Do the people who murder children deserve punishment? Sure they do, they deserve more though. They deserve to feel guilty, they deserve to look at their faces in the mirror and feel worthless and hopeless and irredeemable every moment of their waking life. Perhaps that is more cruel, but, perhaps not.

There was this scene in “Doctor Who” in the first season of the revived series, there this genocidal maniac alien realizes the fears and pains and he just stops. There are moments when this machine of hatred sees the things he has caused and then he destroys himself. That affected me.
You see, terrorism thrives on violence.

Today if we burn the homes of all the Taliban forces in the world, and kill 90% of the soldiers, the other 10% would use that to fill little people with the ideas of revenge. They would burn through the youth with their ideologies that promise redemption and salvation, that promise a better life and fulfillment of every dream that the child has, and they’d answer.
They’d answer because that is what propaganda does.

When Kasab was being hanged I raised my voice too, I said that hanging a boy doesn’t solve the problem. An angry response is not going to solve the larger crisis that is going on. Sure  we need to be angry, we need to be burning up inside, but, we need to be angry enough to realise that we need to get rid of the whole deal and not individual soldiers.

We need to make them feel guilt.

And I get the feelings of revenge. Those were children, juniors of mine who were killed mercilessly.
Blood stained floors and seats that were vacated for the whole terms, that makes me want to kill. That makes me want to take up a gun, to take up a sword and go on a rampage. But, then when I have killed these brainwashed children, what difference have I from them?

Maybe, the difference would be that I was more moral, but, they’d twist the facts. They’d create another such army. Their would be another Peshawar in response and it won’t stop. If instead we took these poor kids they target and educated them, gave them books and pens instead of guns. If we just did that.

Maybe we’d be better.
Who knows.

Current Song – Þú Ert Sólin


3 thoughts on “Preaching peace

    1. Oh they would. Seeing them as monsters as something separate from human beings doesn’t help, however, much it might hurt, we must, oh we must believe they’re human and only the ideology is screwed so


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